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This blog is the first blog ever to discuss and compare different brands of Indian wine. As some people now, wine industry is growing in India - in a couple of years many vineyards appeared in the market. However, many Indian customers still don't know how to choose properly the product. Moreover, many liquor shop owners don't know how to properly store it. That's why it's especially interesting to analyze Indian wine industry!

Monday, April 26, 2010

York from Nasik

Yesterday I spotted this beautiful bottle in a local wine shop in Bandra and decided to give it a try!

It's a new vineyard (at least I've never heard about it) called the very same way as the wine itself - York Vineyards, located in (try to guess!) Nasik, Maharashtra.

Price: 595 Rs

Tall beautiful bottle, real cork. On the back of the bottle it says "proudly Indian", so I assume Indian wine industry is not only growing but is already proud of itself :)

Well, I didn't enjoy how it smelled initially but after 30 minutes of air contact this problem faded away. Wine has a rich, fruity, a little bit sweet taste and interesting smell. Those who prefer "original" wine (read - different from classic Bordeaux or Chianti) will enjoy York.

Verdict: "York" wine is a great alternative to "Tiger Hill". Price is almost the same, as well as the quality. I'm happy there is another company now making real wine in India!

Went together perfectly with grana padano cheese and wasabi peanuts.

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