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This blog is the first blog ever to discuss and compare different brands of Indian wine. As some people now, wine industry is growing in India - in a couple of years many vineyards appeared in the market. However, many Indian customers still don't know how to choose properly the product. Moreover, many liquor shop owners don't know how to properly store it. That's why it's especially interesting to analyze Indian wine industry!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Indage Platinum series from Nasik

This time I'm tasting wine from a well established Indian vineyard - Chateau Indage (oh, again monetizing on French associations). Chateau means "castle" in French and somehow I doubt that this vineyard does, in fact, have a castle somewhere in Nasik. "Indage" doesn't mean anything, perhaps only the company owner knows the meaning behind this word.

Anyway, as of today, it's one of the most popular wine companies in India, and I guess one of the most successful in economic terms - most of the liquor shops in Maharashtra (at least in this state) got some Indage products.

Back to the guinea pig!

This wine strangely has no name, it's only written "Platinum series" which is a series of expensive Indage wines, and "Chateau Indage" with beautiful butterfly image. Moreover, label admits it's Merlot-Syrah - a combination of two popular grape types. Harvest of year 2007, bottled in 2009.

MRP: 850 Rs - definitely an expensive piece of joy

Therefore, most middle class Indians or Mumbaikars won't afford this wine on a daily basis as dinner/lunch supplement.

Indage Platinum Merlot-Syrah got a very nice, smooth taste - like silk touching your skin. Smell is very pleasant, yet simple. There is no fruit aftertaste, but the wine will go perfectly with virtually any dish. This wine is easily comparable to great products from France or Italy.

Verdict: One of the best wines available in India today. But, rather expensive. You can get really premium wine in Europe for this price.


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