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This blog is the first blog ever to discuss and compare different brands of Indian wine. As some people now, wine industry is growing in India - in a couple of years many vineyards appeared in the market. However, many Indian customers still don't know how to choose properly the product. Moreover, many liquor shop owners don't know how to properly store it. That's why it's especially interesting to analyze Indian wine industry!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pause Puro from Baramati, Maharashtra

Yesterday I spotted a new item at my local wine shop - "Pause Puro" from Rendez-vous Wines India Pvt Ltd (Maharashtra). This particular wine is said to be made in Baramati - a little town near Pune. So it's the first Maharashtrian wine I tried which is not made in Nasik!

I was familiar with "Pause" wines already, and to be honest - my opinion about this company wasn't that high. Still, I decided to try it - it was just 225 Rs, after all :)

"Puro" means "pure" in Spanish and Italian, so the title is a combination of English and Spanish/Italian languages. Bottle design is quite simple, similar to cheapest wines in Europe - lousy label and metallic cap instead of proper cork.

Anyway, as I said - 225 Rs is a very small money so I decided to give it a try.

So, I got SURPRISED with this wine! It's actually good! The only "weakness" I found is a lack of rich after-taste. It's slightly (I mean it - slightly) watery in the end. Smell is also a little bit "poor". Otherwise, this wine is WAY better than other products in this price category.

Verdict: The best Indian wine in this price category (less than 300 Rs). Viva la Pause Winery!


  1. I have bought this wine in Goa. Still to taste. Thanks for the post which does not disappoint my Purchase.

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  3. We bought in pine exibhition
    Amazing at this price