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This blog is the first blog ever to discuss and compare different brands of Indian wine. As some people now, wine industry is growing in India - in a couple of years many vineyards appeared in the market. However, many Indian customers still don't know how to choose properly the product. Moreover, many liquor shop owners don't know how to properly store it. That's why it's especially interesting to analyze Indian wine industry!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sula Dindori Reserve from Nasik

Today we are tasting one of the most popular (or at least famous) brands in India - Sula.

Cheap Sula wines smell badly and taste the same so we went for an expensive bottle - Sula Dindori Reserve 2007.

Price - heavy 810 rupees (18 USD, in a wine shop)

Let's analyze the title first. It's a very beautiful bottle, after all! "Sula" itself has many meanings - from bird genus to islands in Scandinavia. It's not clear what did the company founders mean.

Dindori is a little town in Nasik - wine district in Maharashtra.

Bottle says the harvest was made in 2007, and then the drink spent 1 year in oak. Then it reached local shops.

Smell: rich, fruity, sweet, intensive.

Taste: very fruity, interesting aftertaste.

Verdict: very good Indian wine, but costly (comparing to Europe). It appears that Sula Wines company knows how to make good wine but refuses to do so in case of cheaper products. Perhaps, they assume that only rich can distinguish good wine from garbage.


  1. Hi Denis
    Kudos for doing this and maybe making decision making a lot easier for a lot of foreigners in India and maybvefor some indians as well when it comes to knowing and choosing an Indian wine comes..I seefrfom your blogs that you have been (sigh.. sigh) tasting onlyNashik made wines (Probably because you may be based in Maharashtra) but do try some other brands as well.. Ok a disclainer upfront is that I head the marketing for the brand of wines called BIG BANYAN wines, made in Goa and am based in Bangalore, try Big Banyan wines sometimes and let me know what you think...

  2. Dear Kawaljeet,

    I would definitely love to taste wine from other regions of India, but it seems that Maharashtra is somewhat protective when it comes to state product - it's almost impossible to find non-Nasik or non-Maharashtrian wine in Mumbai wine shops :(

    For instance, while in Goa I tried some great local wine - which is not available for sale in Maharashtra at all :(

    I heard about Big Banyan brand somewhere...

  3. its not sweet i bet its bitter in taste and not good

    its not sweet how can us ay its sweet its red wine it will be not be sweet it is like a tonic like other wines not tasty in mouth

  4. VERY GOOD WINE................

  5. bad smell not a good taste. waste of money cabernet shiraz is 100% better

  6. best wine , i think person should have sense of test best wines ................don't compare with local port wines..........go for best ...........i know you definitely like afterwar

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  8. Test and smell both are great although it's expensive. Know more about indian wine: wine-pricelist.com

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  10. Amazing wine! Great price quality even in comparison to European wines. Wines in the same quality calibre here in EU are usually pricier.

  11. I can't able to swallow this wine, help me with best wine brand name ...

  12. Mandi Sanwer Indore Ujjain road